How to encourage kids to cook

It is quite a struggle getting your kids to eat well let alone getting them interested in learning how to cook the foods they enjoy so much. Cooking is an invaluable life skill that every child, who loves to eat, should have. Here are tips for encouraging your children on how to cook:

Get the right kitchen equipment

With the right kitchen equipment, most tasks can be made easier. Kids will be encouraged to cook when they don’t have to stress their selves while cooking. If you need to equip your kitchen, you can easily check Slikkepott to see if they sell the kitchen equipment you are interested in. However, you should first read Norwegian reviews about the company on Norskeanmeldelser to be sure they are reliable. You will also get to see the experience of people with different kitchen equipment they bought from the company.

Lead by example

Children learn more from what you do rather than by what you say. You are your little one’s hero and they tend to believe everything you do is right and should be emulated. They will love food when they see you enjoying the food as well as love to cook when you find pleasure in being in the kitchen. You can also get them engaged by playing with food together such as doing food taste quizzes or making food stamps.

Try not to make mealtimes miserable

If mealtimes are miserable, your children will come to detest food because they know that is the cause of your misery. Try to work your schedule to avoid getting fatigued and fed up with cooking every evening. You can cook your foods in advance or look for ways to make the most of your mealtimes. For instance, you can use fancy tableware to dish your food or do a round-up of everyone’s day during meals.

Encourage your kids to be mini chefs

Kids love a challenge and will like your idea of mini chefs. This means you get them actively involved in cooking a dish. For instance, they can watch some cooking shows on the TV and replicate them in the kitchen. They can also help plan the menu for the week or basic activities such as peeling, mixing, etc. Let them see the fun that is in food.

Give your children the freedom to make choices

Allowing them to choose what they want to eat helps them to become more independent and actively involved in crucial matters, thereby increasing their level of enjoyment with food. Instead of shunning them every time they come to you for particular foods, you can simply explain to them why they can’t have it and how to make healthy food choices.

Spice up their lunch boxes

 A lot of kids are put off by their lunch boxes anytime they open them. it is always the same thing day after day. Mix up the food choices. You can include vegetable kebabs, rice salads, toasties, pasta, etc. You can also add surprise elements like mini toys, funny pictures, etc. As such, they will be more excited about food and will be ready to help out in the kitchen when you call.

Try out new meals

There is a wide range of exotic foods you can try out in the kitchen with your kids. It not only gets them excited, but it also helps them to learn about other people’s culture. Exploring foods beyond what they are originally used to get kids excited and get more involved in the food decisions in the home. It also prepares them for a future of high appreciation for food.